Why Do People Come and Go

Why Do People Come and Go

A key element of successful leadership is connecting with team members and individuals at every level within an organization. As work teams grow and become increasingly distributed and organizational priorities evolve at a rapid pace, it is crucial for leaders to maintain meaningful connections with their organization’s most important asset – people.

Over decades of search experience, our team has recognized that the greatest leaders share a few unique capabilities and traits – they demonstrate empathy, create and communicate a sense of purpose and meaning to their work, effectively mentor and grow their talent, and possess a serve-first mindset.

As leaders contemplate how to best connect with their teams (with and beyond their direct reports), the article linked below identifies a few key questions that allow them to unlock what is important to an individual and identify and solve for the barriers someone is facing, ultimately aiding in career growth and success. While the article linked below is focused on retention, our team at RG believes that asking these simple questions outlined by Sabine Nawaz are crucial to revealing meaningful leadership insights and creating purposeful relationships between a leader and his or her team.

Read Sabine’s full article here: What Stops People on Your Team from Leaving?

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