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Our Executive Search Process

Search Strategy Development

We gather relevant information about your organization and the opportunity through a series of meetings with key stakeholders and collaborate to define a unique and comprehensive search strategy for potential candidate sourcing, which includes defining target sectors, companies, and candidate criteria.
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Using all tools and data available to us, we conduct research to identify relevant potential candidates outlined in the search strategy and develop the PCS in preparation for the search launch. During this time, we also network with key individuals and centers of influence in order to bolster our research.
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RG Candidate Outreach and Assessment

We formally launch the search to the market and assess candidates through video conferencing. Through initial discussions with potential candidates, we identify search observations that we bring to your attention during frequent, pre-scheduled search update meetings.

We conduct assessments / interviews with the most qualified candidates. As viable candidates arise, we bring them to your attention immediately and begin coordinating interviews with your team. We only surface real candidates that are qualified and “recruitable”.

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Key stakeholders within your organization conduct interviews with finalist candidates, provide feedback, and determine which candidates to advance in the process. We assist in coordinating the on-site interviews and provide guidance on candidate experience best practices, leaving nothing to chance so that you and the candidates can bring your A-game to the interviews.
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Key leaders conduct on-site interviews with the finalist candidate(s). Once you select the preferred candidate, we provide guidance regarding the formulation and extension of the offer, conduct reference checks, and the start date is confirmed. We maintain communication with additional top candidates to mitigate the risk within the search. Once the candidate accepts the offer, we partner with your team to ensure successful integration of the new leader.
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