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Ransom Group is an executive search firm that specializes in leadership selection for high-impact organizations. As an industry leader for more than 25 years, our success is driven by an underlying resolve to seek to understand what exists below the surface.

We ask questions and challenge assumptions that others don’t, observe things that are routinely overlooked, and bring clarity to an often unpredictable process.

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Executive Search

We’ve spent nearly three decades crafting an executive search experience that identifies and secures top leaders with speed, precision, transparency.

Board Search

Success hinges on an engaged, dynamic, and forward-focused board. Our curated services ensure your board is strengthened by the right mix of diverse and experienced directors.

Leadership Assessment

Unlock the full potential of your organization through our specialized assessment process, uncovering executive strengths, values, and challenges to maximize performance, fit, and impact.

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The Leading Edge Episode 1: The Future of Work

For the first inaugural episode of Ransom Group’s quarterly podcast series, The Leading Edge, Dave Ransom sat down with Dr. Raghu Krishnamoorthy to tackle the topic of the ever-changing landscape of the modern workplace.

Dare to be Different

The following narrative explores the innovative tactics of several clients who have boldly departed from traditional interview regimens. Instead of adhering to the classic recruitment model, they have embraced unconventional thinking, meticulously scrutinizing each stage of the process from the vantage point of the candidate. This departure from the norm has become a material advantage in acquiring the world’s rarest and most elusive talent.

The Crucial Role of Effective Leadership Teams

With over ten years of experience coaching public company CEOs, I've observed a critical obstacle often hindering their peak performance: ineffective senior leadership teams. There's a common misconception that merely having the right individuals in key positions guarantees they will successfully and seamlessly move the organization forward. Shockingly, statistics show that 65% of senior executives perceive their teams as ineffective, with a mere 18% acknowledging their leadership team as high-performing.

Embrace Accountability

We want the “ball” hit to us and gladly accept the responsibility.

Assume Nothing and Validate Everything

We leave no stone unturned and believe this approach should be a standard in our industry rather than the exception.

Be Direct With Respect

Respect, candor and transparency serve as a catalyst for greater clarity and purpose.

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