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Our firm’s success is dependent upon our clients realizing clear value in selecting us. This doesn’t happen overnight and requires a high level of accountability, trust, and ability to execute. However sometimes, the numbers speak for themselves. Here are ours:


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Ransom Group offers a comprehensive offering of leadership and executive search services designed to help our client organizations build and sustain successful companies with great impact. We eagerly accept the challenge to rethink the familiar, validate assumptions, and exceed the realm of expectations.

Executive Search

For nearly three decades, we have worked with an unyielding commitment to develop an executive search process that identifies and attracts the world’s greatest leaders.
While we bring leading practices and recommendations from hundreds of engagements, we partner with our clients to design a custom process for each search that delivers extraordinary outcomes focused on creating competitive advantage through pace, rigor, and transparency and delivering an unparalleled candidate experience.
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Board Search

Our curated process and expertise allows us to help our clients find the right directors to guide the enterprise.
A highly engaged and future-focused board is a requirement for every successful company. Today’s board is tasked with all matters of strategy and oversight, including, but not limited to leadership succession; environmental, social, and corporate governance; digital transformation; culture, equity, inclusion, and diversity; shareholder pressures; and even brand management and marketing. A strong board is dependent on having respectful and engaged directors in the room with the right experience for each stage of the organization. We offer a suite of curated services that allow us to partner with our clients to ensure the board has the right individuals guiding the enterprise.
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Leadership Assessment

Drawing on the Art and Science of assessment provides our clients with clarity to make informed decisions about the future of their organizations.
The true value of any organization rests heavily on the quality of the leadership team. Whether your goal is to identify the right candidate or develop stronger leaders, our specialized assessment process provides valuable insight into how people work, lead, and develop. In addition to decades of experience in executive assessment, our firm is also Hogan certified. This added assessment process interprets how a leader shows up and what they value and can be beneficial for selection decisions and new executive integration.
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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Organizations that embrace Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) as true priorities generate ideas and accomplish achievements that otherwise would not be realized.

Simply recruiting diverse talent is not enough. To fully maintain and leverage a diverse workforce, companies must also display an authentic commitment to equity and inclusion by weaving DE&I goals into their processes, culture, and workplaces. This means cultivating environments where people of all identities feel heard, included and valued, developing minority group talent, and creating teams where individuals of all backgrounds succeed. We pursue leaders who are at the forefront of these efforts by retaining diversity, promoting equality, modeling inclusivity, and holding their organizations accountable to DE&I goals.

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