The Importance of Vitality in Positive Leadership

The Importance of Vitality in Positive Leadership

This generation of leaders are currently facing unprecedented demands. A distributed workforce, high turnover, ever-changing environmental factors, and rapid technology shifts are a few things competing for our leaders’ attention.

Now more than ever, those leading and growing top organizations are likely feeling drained and strained by the pressures impacting their professional and personal lives. However, research shows that when leaders care more for themselves and know what it takes to replenish their energy and take the actions to do so, they have a higher likelihood of creating positive relational energy which results in better business result for their teams.

As a top executive coach and leader in positive organizational psychology, Jamie Shapiro helps leaders find vitality amongst high demands. She believes great leaders focus on their whole selves to create sustainable careers and drive differentiated results.

As we recruit and assess leaders for our client organizations, we take lessons from Jamie’s studies regarding vitality. We assess for more than just job and culture fit based on current and past experiences. We look at the whole person and uncover how they are filling their cups to serve others in their organizations and create positive relational energy.

Read Jamie’s full article here: The Importance of Vitality in Positive Leadership.

Jamie Shapiro is a CEO coach, leader in positive organizational psychology and the bestselling author of Brilliant, Be the Leader Who Shines Brightly Without Burning Out. She is a Master Certified Executive Leadership Coach, professional speaker, researcher, facilitator, and nutritionist. Having experienced burnout in the corporate world, she understands the incredible pressure we face in our lives and the difficulty in staying connected to professional and personal goals in demanding environments. Through her corporate career, she realized the toll that high pressure, stressful and demanding roles can take. She left the corporate world with a mission to make changes for people and organizations. Jamie has been coaching and developing high performing teams since 1998 in executive roles within large-scale corporate companies and now externally. She specializes with CEOs and executive teams within leading companies.

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