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The Leading Edge Episode 1: The Future of Work

For the first inaugural episode of Ransom Group’s quarterly podcast series, The Leading Edge, Dave Ransom sat down with Dr. Raghu Krishnamoorthy to tackle the topic of the ever-changing landscape of the modern workplace.

Dare to be Different

The following narrative explores the innovative tactics of several clients who have boldly departed from traditional interview regimens. Instead of adhering to the classic recruitment model, they have embraced unconventional thinking, meticulously scrutinizing each stage of the process from the vantage point of the candidate. This departure from the norm has become a material advantage in acquiring the world’s rarest and most elusive talent.

The Crucial Role of Effective Leadership Teams

With over ten years of experience coaching public company CEOs, I've observed a critical obstacle often hindering their peak performance: ineffective senior leadership teams. There's a common misconception that merely having the right individuals in key positions guarantees they will successfully and seamlessly move the organization forward. Shockingly, statistics show that 65% of senior executives perceive their teams as ineffective, with a mere 18% acknowledging their leadership team as high-performing.

Embrace Accountability

We want the “ball” hit to us and gladly accept the responsibility.

Assume Nothing and Validate Everything

We leave no stone unturned and believe this approach should be a standard in our industry rather than the exception.

Be Direct With Respect

Respect, candor and transparency serve as a catalyst for greater clarity and purpose.

Don’t Cut Corners

We take a road less traveled in our approach knowing that a differentiated outcome won't be realized without unconventional discipline.

Keep Our Promises

Upholding our commitment means getting-it-right the first time. No do-overs.

Integrity Precedes All Decisions

Being truthful matters more than anything and is the foundation on how our business is built.

People and Culture… To Succeed You Need Both

Over the last several weeks, we had a wide-ranging conversation with Mats Lederhausen. He is the Founder and CEO of the investment platform BE-CAUSE LLC based in Chicago. The organization invests in companies born with a purpose bigger than their products. From 2000-2006, he was lead director and Chairman of Chipotle where he was instrumental in leading what became one of the most successful restaurant IPOs in history. He has also previously held leadership roles with Boston Consulting, McDonald’s Corporation, and McDonald’s Ventures. Our conversation focused on two main topics: People and Culture. Below are edited highlights

The Importance of Vitality in Positive Leadership

This generation of leaders are currently facing unprecedented demands. A distributed workforce, high turnover, ever-changing environmental factors, and rapid technology shifts are a few things competing for our leaders’ attention. Now more than ever, those leading and growing top organizations are likely feeling drained and strained by the pressures impacting their professional and personal lives. However, research shows that when leaders care more for themselves and know what it takes to replenish their energy and take the actions to do so, they have a higher likelihood of creating positive relational energy which results in better business result for their teams.

Leaders Create Leaders, Not Just Results

As executive search consultants, we are often asked to partner with client organizations to find a critical leader because succession plans are not yielding what's needed for the role. In Ernest's article below, he offers insights and tactical advice regarding successful succession planning.

Why Do People Come and Go

A key element of successful leadership is connecting with team members and individuals at every level within an organization. As work teams grow and become increasingly distributed and organizational priorities evolve at a rapid pace, it is crucial for leaders to maintain meaningful connections with their organization's most important asset - people.

Recruitable Candidates Only

We leave no stone unturned and believe this approach should be a standard in our industry rather than the exception.

Deep Partner Involvement

Each Partner is fully engaged from start to completion of the search. No handoffs or delegation of key responsibilities.

Authentic Intelligence. Cutting-Edge Tools.

We combine our own proven capabilities and years of experience with the most innovative tools and technologies available in the market.

An Exceptional Candidate Experience

We utilize 25+ years of experience to do the little things for our candidates that greatly impact the outcome of the search process.

Proactive Risk Management

Consistent communication with innovative and timely solutions. If we foresee a risk, you’ll know about it.

Original Research Applied to Each Search

Even with deep industry knowledge, we approach each search with the same thoroughness and diligence to maximize results and outcomes.

Fewer Clients, More Attention

Unmatched attention to detail doesn’t happen by accident. We focus our resources on one search at a time.

Singular Focus on Executive Leadership

No conflicts and no distraction—our team, tools, strategy and approach are tailor made for high-level talent.