Our Process

The process of executive search involves a number of key elements designed to optimize the outcome and quality of a recruitment process.

1. Assessment & specifications

Initializing the Search Process

Each new search assignment begins with an in-depth, face-to-face meeting between a Partner of our firm and the Client. Throughout the course of this discussion, we develop a comprehensive understanding of the search qualities and objectives. We assess the administrative structure, cultural dynamics, and strategic initiatives of our Client's organization. We listen intently as our Client describes the ideal Candidate and his or her desired characteristics. In turn, we contribute our unique perspective and industry expertise to help finalize the Candidate search criteria. Derived from the results of this project Assessment meeting, we prepare and submit a detailed Position Specification outlining the desired Candidate profile and a summary description of the position responsibilities.

initializing the search process

2. Search plan

Outlining the Strategy

Following the review and acceptance of the Position Specifications by the Client, The Ransom Group will develop an overview of the steps that will be followed throughout the process to help ensure success. This includes a description of specific industry segments, a breakdown of competitive organizations where qualified Candidates are likely to be identified, and a Timeline overview that benchmarks the search progress from start to finish.

3. Research

Seeking the Singular

During the next phase, The Ransom Group will begin the research for this position by assessing market conditions, speaking with industry consultants, and contacting other 'centers of influence'. In addition, we will identify industries and companies where prospective Candidates are likely to be surfaced. Finally, we will make personal contact with each company and profile the most appropriate individual(s) within these organizations.

4. Recruitment

Qualifying the Candidates

Upon initial contact, The Ransom Group will provide each Candidate with an overview of the opportunity as well as assess the individual skill and expertise in his or her current position. Equally important, The Ransom Group will identify potential inhibitors that may affect a Candidate's interest or impede the Client's ability to secure a Candidate for the position.

5. Interviews

Bringing Focus to the Search

The Ransom Group will conduct comprehensive, face-to-face Candidate interviews with a select group of prospective individuals resulting from our national recruitment efforts. Each Candidate will be evaluated on a number of predetermined skill sets and required experience. We will also assess the Candidate's motivators and cultural compatibility in determining the quality of their candidacy. Upon completing our initial interviews, The Ransom Group will communicate our observations and recommendations to the Client with the expectations of narrowing down the final slate of Candidates to be interviewed by the Client. After the Client has interviewed the finalists, The Ransom Group will gather and communicate post-interview feedback to both the Client and the Candidates.

6. Referencing

Conducting Due Diligence

The Ransom Group will complete both formal and informal reference evaluations throughout the search process. Past employers and industry sources will be contacted to verify vital success factors, personality traits, character, cultural compatibility, leadership style, past achievements, and future career growth potential. After the Client has selected a group of final Candidates, comprehensive reference reports will be completed by The Ransom Group. We will also encourage our Client to participate in the referencing of the final Candidate.

7. Selection

Delivering Results

Once the Client has selected the final Candidate, The Ransom Group will provide assistance and advice in regard to the formulation and extension of the offer of employment. Upon acceptance of the offer by the Candidate, The Ransom Group will continue to monitor the Candidate's resignation from existing employment, and facilitate his or her successful integration into the Client organization.