The Ransom Group

The Ransom Group is a retained search firm providing professional consulting services within the area of executive recruitment and management selection. We work with unyielding commitment to assist each Client in achieving their greatest competitive advantage through the identification and selection of the world's greatest leaders.

For The Record

The Ransom Group was founded in 1998 by David Ransom in Columbus, Ohio.  For nearly two decades the Ransom Group has grown to become an industry-leading national executive search firm successfully completing hundreds of senior level searches.

Our Focus

Expertise Demands Specialization

We select our clients as carefully as they select us. We have intentionally limited the scope of our practice to Senior Management Recruitment. Our Clients represent a vast spectrum of large established companies, as well as newly created organizations. We deeply comprehend their industries and we are experts in our field. Each member of our firm possesses multiple years of experience and is deeply connected with leaders, consultants, and centers of influence throughout the country. Our contacts are extremely vast, and we utilize this realm as we set out to meet each Client's individual search challenge. Our development of this specialized and proprietary knowledge base is a key ingredient to our success as it allows us to reach our targets with precision and immediacy.



Client Care

Personal Service is Fundamental to Optimal Results

Our firm's uniqueness originates at the initial point of contact between our Client and a Partner of our firm. The Partner who accepts the search begins a process of 'active listening' and assessment to understand the intricacies behind the needs of the individual Client. Each Partner makes a commitment to provide personal leadership and response throughout the entire assignment. The Partner possesses all appropriate levels of autonomy and authority to apply the necessary resources to each undertaking. The firm does not outsource or hand-off any part of the search process. The project responsibility and accountability rest with each Partner assigned to the search engagement.


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Leveraging the Human Experience

Diversity is the variety of personal values, worldviews and experiences within a company's human capital that arise from individual differences of culture, ethnicity, gender and life circumstances. Diversity should be an integral part of any growth oriented organization as it is a catalyst for innovative ideas and creative accomplishments. An authentic commitment to diversity can enhance the ability of a company to accomplish its mission and to broaden its ideals and cultural aspects. Diversity promotes mutual respect and makes possible the full, effective use of the talents and abilities of all to foster innovation and inspire future leadership. The Ransom Group is committed to the recruitment of persons without regard to race, color, religion, gender, nationality or disability, and we encourage our clients to nurture and reward this same pledge to diversity.




Evaluating and Valuating Each Search Process

Each search is unique. Therefore, each search project is evaluated and valuated based on the numerous variables attributing to the successful completion of the search. Prior to initiating a search engagement, a Partner from The Ransom Group reviews each proposed search assignment based on a number of factors including projected search scope and time frames, breadth and depth of the Client's candidate criteria, industry climate, and the parameters for the candidate's target compensation. Once an assessment of the project is completed, a fee proposal is generated and reviewed with the Client. All fee proposals include a detailed description of the project's respective responsibilities as well as the costs associated with the search.

The world's leading companies sustain their market dominance by abandoning traditional methods of recruitment in exchange for opportunistic staffing strategies.


We believe beauty can arise from the quest for perfection - a pursuit for the ultimate resolve. This is our vision of what we do. This is what we define as "The Art of the Search."


Developed over 15 years and completing more than 300 senior level search engagements, our proven recruitment methodologies are masterfully advanced and designed to exceed the standards of our industry.

The essence of executive search originates from an unyielding desire to secure the rare and elusive.