Our full obligation and commitment lies with our Clients. We do not directly represent any individual Candidates except to the extent that they play a vital role in the fulfillment of the needs of our Clients. We do however make it our responsibility to become intrinsically knowledgeable about the lives, careers and aspirations of our final Candidates. Comprehending the human aspect of each candidate is critical to the successful completion of the search process.

We make it our responsibility to become deeply knowledgeable about the lives, careers and aspirations of the candidates involved in our search process. The human aspect of what we do cannot be emphasized enough. We believe accurately assessing 'human chemistry' leads us to the most successful search finale. The Ransom Group has an ongoing interest to maintain vital confidential information on all of our Candidates. Current and potential search Candidates are encouraged to submit up-to-date data.




Candidate Data Update

The Ransom Group maintains a confidential profile database of tenured senior executives who are strictly within our areas of specialty, which include:


» Proven Leadership ability and a track record of success
» A desire to grow in their career
» Distinguishable areas of excellence in General Management and/or
   Executive Leadership
» Possess creativity and the ability to inspire others


Should you believe your qualifications match our focus, and represent the highest degree of aptitude, skill and integrity, then we welcome your submittal for consideration. Please provide detailed personal/professional documentation via email.



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